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WWE Mayhem APK Download for Android

WWE Mayhem APK Download

Reliance Big Entertainment sure knows how the please the fans of WWE. The multi-national production house launched one of the most sought-after wrestling games, WWE Mayhem APK for Android earlier this year.

It was after, what seemed like forever, that a good-quality WWE-based wrestling game was made available on a mobile platform that runs on Google’s Android operating system. The theme of WWE Mayhem APK was fairly similar to most of the other games revolving around the American wrestling tournament.

At the moment, WWE Mayhem APK is in at its soft-launch stage. Interested Android users can download the game to experience the best of what WWE Mayhem Android has to offer. Reliance Big Entertainment has steadily built itself a reputation for providing Android versions of some of the well-known games in the gaming industry.

WWE Mayhem APK Download

WWE Mayhem for Android

The list of popular gaming titles offered by Reliance Big Entertainment includes Real Steel as well as WWE Mayhem APK. Majorly, the gameplay in Android versions of these games remains similar. Players get the opportunity to utilize a diverse character system. The primary characters from real-life WWE including John Cena from SmackDown or Randy Orton and The Rock from RAW are also available in the game.

The game has purportedly been designed to deliver a fun-style, Arcade gaming experience. Most of the characters in the game have been simplified exponentially. However, that does not mean that the complex details of each of the characters don’t show up. Gamers will find that most of their idols in the game are doing pretty well.

Each of the wrestlers has their proprietary tactics in place, which allows individuals to identify them as well. Major characters have their skills that are associated with their respective names, to show off. The gamer is expected to control, compete and win the different series in WWE Mayhem for Android.

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Features of WWE Mayhem MOD APK

Following given is a list of key features that really helps WWE Mayhem for Android stand out, in comparison to other Android-run games:

#1. Top-notch graphics

WWE Mayhem mobile version cannot possibly be compared to a PC or console version, however; the graphics are pretty high-end even for a mobile platform. The different character drawings and colors showcased in WWE Mayhem are quite realistic. One of the best things about the games is that they come along with 3D models, whose graphics are quite sharp. Interested players can play live matches on the show through the use of their Android smartphones. The arena scene in WWE Mayhem is the incredible care for detail. Be it fireworks or posters, slogan flutters or the way the crowded audience reacts, all is taken care of in WWE Mayhem.

#2. Realistic sounds

WWE Mayhem for Android style of play, as mentioned previously, is similar to the kind that shows up on PC and console platforms. Gamers are required to participate in one-on-one fights in the rings. There are hundreds of different types of matches that players can choose. Experienced gamers will find it extremely easy to grasp the control systems of WWE Mayhem for Android. Be it swiping up or down, left or right, you can easily press the finger at the right spot in order to force the knock-out, as had been seen in reality.

WWE Mayhem Android Mod APK

#3. Touch and sweep control mechanism

The control mechanism of the game is designed in the form of Touch and Sweep. Players can perform simple manipulations to control their respective characters. If you want to win the championship, players are expected to make use of simple tactics for this purpose. There are additional in-app purchases that players can make in the process. Interested players can check out all the information regarding this matter through the official website.

#4. Revolutionary character classes

Another primary highlight of WWE Mayhem is that it gives access to players for one of the most entertaining rosters of WWE Superstars and legends. Players will have themselves being at toe-to-toe with a universe of WWE legends. Be it RAW or SmackDown, all the characters from both these eras are present for use. Players will have to fight through and yearn towards achieving the ultimate WWE Mayhem Title. There are roughly six revolutionary character classes to choose from. Some of the best WWE Superstars are at your fingertips – John Cena, The Rock, Brock Lesnar, AJ Styles, Triple H and The Undertaker to name a few.

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#5. Unique reversals

Players will gain access to never-before-seen reversals. You will be required to time your reversal perfectly to dive straight into a win during your ultimate WWE Mayhem match. It is important for you to build your special attack meter during the on-going clash and ensure that you utilize it to your full brutal force during the entire process. Turn the tables on your opponents and gain unaccountable advantages that will last all throughout the journey.

#6. Reward and bounties

Another added advantage about WWE Mayhem APK is that it is filled with opportunities for individuals to win rewards and bounties. This makes the entire experience a whole lot more exciting. Create a Supreme WWE fighting squad from brawlers, high flyers, powerhouses, technicalities, wildcards and showmans. It is important that you aim for the ultimate prize in the entire process.

How to Download WWE Mayhem Android APK?

WWE Mayhem APK for Android is trending at the moment. One can easily discover downloadable links to the game on any of the online websites. Interested gamers need to ensure that the links are reliable. If you love WWE games, you must check out WWE 2k18 for Android version as well. 

Not able to download WWE Mayhem APK online? Here’s possibly why:

  • Not available in your country

Reliance Big Entertainment probably might not have made this game available in your country as yet.

  • WWE Mayhem APK might not be compatible with your device

It is important for you to make sure that the game is compatible with your device, before actually downloading it.

Conclusion on WWE Mayhem APK Wrestling Game

So what are you waiting for? Get on this frenzy ride of WWE Mayhem APK right on your Android smartphones today.

Source: Google Play, App Store

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