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WWE 2K19 Release Date, Rumors & News!

WWE 2k19 Release Date

WWE 2K19 release date is the twentieth game of the WWE2K Series, a video game series that has been developed by the Yuke’s and Visual Concepts with the theme, an amalgamation of action with professional wrestling.

The game has been developed by the 2K Sports, and all the previous eighteen versions of the games have been launched on multiple platforms including Microsoft Windows, PS3, PS4, XBox One and XBox 360 as well. Serving as one of the most enthralling games that combine both the action and the drama, this is the fifth game to be released under the banner, acting as a follow-up to WWE2K18 that has been released in the previous year.

WWE 2k19 release date has many components that design the wrestling even in a virtual setting, as close to the reality. It has many tournaments, modes, and matches that are set to be playable with different characters with the campaign, elaborated storylines just the way the player undergoes right from signing up for the company to the championship-winning or falling, including the journey that involves melancholy and drama.

WWE 2k19 Release Date

As the previous version of the game has been incorporated with a lot of changes, people are excited about the forthcoming version which is expected to have a graphics upgrade and as well as an engine upgrade. By following the trends of WWE 2K19 news, one can get to know many latest news and gossips regarding the new release. An interesting thing however about the game is that it is believed to be released in an Android-supportive version, preferably APK along with the PC version, this year.

WWE 2k19 Rumors

The game initially when started in 2000, has been named as Smackdown by the team and later was changed to WWE in the year of 2011. After a couple of years or more, in 2014, the 2K Sports got hold of the publishing role and ever since the game’s title has been changed to WWE2K. Ever since the 2K has taken the administrating role, there have been many innovative changes in the game, coming far away from the basic grappling moves in the initial version.

However, people are indeed on their nerves as they are waiting for the game. When someone is exciting people with all the rumors and gossips, it is simply not easy to hold them without giving them a specific date. The WWE 2K19 rumors haven’t been given an official date of release as of now, but if one has observed all the previous trends of the WWE2K games; a trend can be observed. For example, the WWE2K17 version has been released in the October month of 2016 giving a cue that the WWE 2K19 version is possibly going to be released in the last months of 2018.

WWE 2k19 Rumors News

WWE 2k19 News

There have been many mysterious and speculative rumors regarding the WWE 2K19 version, most of them are eye-gripping. It has been a while that the 2K has abandoned the Showcase which broke hearts of millions of fans in the franchise. Also, the latest version of the game did not contain the single player mode as well which created hassles among the users. However, there has been a silver lining to all these liabilities in the new version. It is believed that the WWE 2K19 is going to have Kurt Angle on the Roster, and preferably as the cover.

Kurt Angle has confirmed his return in 2016, but as it did not happen in 2017, his return to the brand is now much anticipated making the fans go crazy. Apart from that, there are many other assuring things that are expected in WWE 2K19 which can keep us hooked to the game till the next version. Stay tuned to know the release date of WWE 2k19 right here!

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