WWE 2K18 APK Data OBB Download for Android!


WWE 2K18 is a professional video game based on wrestling that has been developed by the Visual Concepts and the Yukes. This game is published for the PS3, PS4, XBox One and XBox 360 consoles by 2K Sports. But if you want to play this game on Android devices, you need to download WWE 2K18 APK and OBB file.

Being the eighteenth game in the entire WWE series, it is a follow-up of the WWE 2K17. If you’re someone who has spent your entire childhood watching WWE matches and yelling your lungs out, this game is exclusively for you. Some of the similar Xbox games which you would love to play on Android are Pro Evolution Soccer 2017, Battlefield 1,  NBA 2K17 etc.


From CM Punk to John Cena, it has got lot many exciting players who imitate the original players and therefore, instead of searching for the old matches on YouTube; you can have your own fun through this game. Before you go through the WWE 2K18 APK download, let’s have a look at the game play and features!

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Gameplay of WWE 2K18 Android

#1. WWE 2K18 is advanced and therefore, it involves the backstage brawls. The fighters are found fighting even in the crowd and also in the backstage making things more exciting.

#2. It features a similar secondary system which resembles the breaking point system that has been involved in the series.

#3. A new mode is designed under the title, ‘My Career’ making the game exclusive so that the player can create a superstar career working for WWE.

#4. The gameplay is similar to both Xbox consoles and the PlayStation consoles; which is more like the WWE 2K14. Fighting after the match with assaults in the crowd, transitioning in the backstage with brawls is included.

#5. However, the highlight reels, create a video or victory features are excluded from the game to make it sophisticated.

#6. In June, WWE announced the rosters as John Cena, Sasha Banks, and the Ultimate Warrior and if you’re a John Cena fan, this game is going to be the biggest boon for you.  It also includes the McMahon family; Stephanie, Shane and Vince.

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#7. The game contains a total of 136 superstars who are legends, in the past, present and the NXT generation with 11 extra DLC starts who can play. WWE 2K18 APK introduced a total of 26 new superstars this season.

#8. The official soundtrack of WWE 2K18 APK download will leave you with Goosebumps as it contains 13 different songs from various genres and various artists that are curated under Puff Daddy a.k.a Sean Combs.

Download WWE 2k18 Android

Download WWE 2k18 APK Data + OBB File

As WWE 2k18 is officially released for XBox and PS consoles, it is not possible to use it as WWE 2018 Android. Therefore, when converted to WWE 2k18 APK download file, you should also download the WWE 2k18 Data + OBB file which is created to support the game as an APK package. The same goes with Mafia 3 Rivals game as well.

It contains bundles of data encrypted in images and graphics and therefore, the WWE 2k18 OBB files are necessary to gather the required WWE 2k18 APK data and to load the game properly. To download WWE 2k18 APK:

#1. Download the WWE 2K18 APK file from here or try WWE 2K latest version. You can do it by opening it in the mobile browser directly or by downloading it from the web browser.

#2. Now, download the WWE 2K18 Data + OBB file which is needed from here to the right folder.

#3. Go to the notification bar and click on the downloaded file to start the installation. Once it is done, open the WWE 2K18 APK data file and extract the OBB files to the device.

#4. Launch the game and start playing it without any obstacles.

Conclusion of WWE 2K18 APK for Android

With many additions and improvements, this game is a bonanza to all the WWE lovers with exciting things in store. Therefore, download WWE 2K18 APK effective immediately and go to Suplex City and meet Brock Lesnar who has been waiting for you.

If you have any issues regarding the downloading procedure, approach us in the comment section so that we can help you further. Stay tuned to Android Games section on our tech blog to know more about latest game releases!


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