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What is Vero True Social App? Is This an Instagram Killer?

Over the weekend, a new social app called Vero has suddenly risen to massive popularity. The social media platform, which bills itself as the Instagram-killer, allows users to connect directly with their friends and family members. The app was originally made available back in 2015 but it was not earlier this week that it began gaining frenzied momentum in terms of usage.

Experts feel that Vero has been able to gain this level of momentum because its arch-rival Facebook, is currently facing increased scrutiny around its newly-designed algorithms that the ‘News Feed’ is based on. In addition to this, user targeting techniques and the spread of false information on the platform has worked out against Facebook’s favor.

Here’s What Users Say About Vero App?

“Do you want a social media experience that’s like real life? No algorithms, no data mining, just real people enjoying their lives. I’m on @verotruesocial now and I’d love you to join me,” one of the Vero users tweeted. “Join me on Vero. It’s a very carefully conceived and curated new social media site. Screw Facebook,” tweet of another user read. In fact, the company itself pegs its primary marketing strategy on how most social networks reduce everyone to a friend or a follower.

What is Vero App

It’s different when it comes to Vero as such a setting also encourages one to share the parts of our lives that we think are most interesting. This is where Vero and Facebook differ. The biggest difference between Vero and any other social media platform is that the items on Vero user’s feed show up in chronological order.

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Vero Social App – An Instagram Killer?

Vero is considered to be an Instagram killer for many reasons. It goes without saying that Instagram and Facebook used to be one of the most loved social media platforms at one point. However, things are no longer the same anymore as complexities within the app have increased in number. With the addition of newer features on platforms such as Instagram and Facebook, the developers have only made its users more disinterested. Noted below are key differences between Instagram/Facebook and Vero:

User’s feed in Vero True Social App

The user’s feed in Vero is quite different from the kind that appears on either Facebook or Instagram. When it comes to Facebook, the page is usually loaded with content provided by publishers. The Mark Zuckerberg-led platform faced a lot of backlash for this but with time, they promised their users that personal moments will be given more importance over the content provided by publishers.

Instagram on the other hand, showcases stories of users but it may or may not be in a chronological order. When it comes to Vero, things are different. Stories posted by users are showcased in the chronological order with utmost relevance.

Vero Social App Review
                                                   Image Source: TheNextWeb


Vero, unlike other social media platforms, claims to offer a clutter-free connectivity experience. The website hasn’t collaborated with any news publishers, thereby completely eliminating the possibility of irrelevant news appearing on a user’s feed. Apart from this, only the most important features are given a major amount of importance.

Vero App Charges

The only possible drawback when it comes to Vero is that the app charges its users with a minimum amount of fee. In comparison, its arch-rivals, i.e. Facebook and Instagram do not charge its users any fees unless in-app purchases are made. This is perhaps, one thing that might work against the favor of Vero in the long run.

Final Verdict!

We live in a virtual world where newer technologies are being introduced every second day. Similar is Vero, and how long or short-lived it may be, is something that only time will tell.

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