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Why Vero App is Not Working? Here’s What You Need to Know!

Vero App is luring a lot of Instagram addicts with its unique concept. Be it a movie, amazing picture, books and lots more, Vero App has got everything for you! Although the social media app was launched last year, it got a hike in the number of users in past 7 days. Wondering why? The only reason that got many social media enthusiasts to this app is no one can boost the posts or can promote their content in any way. It won’t give any of your personal information to advertisers which is the best thing you can get in a social media app. Well, that clearly means, you get to see what you want in your feed.

The number of high profile people using the app is making it popular in a way. Other than that, it’s luring more users by declaring it’s just free for 1st million users. Later on, the app would charge a minimal amount to use it. Now that’s a perfect marketing strategy. No doubt, it has a unique interface and something unique to get into it but Vero True Social app is facing a lot of technical issues at the moment.

Vero True Social App

Why is Vero App Not Working?

The only reason I see right now for Vero App not working is a huge amount of users trying to sign-in to the app. Maybe the servers aren’t capable of handling such amount of traffic at the moment. The official website of Vero True Social states, “We are experiencing higher than normal load. We are working to resume normal service as soon as possible.” It was launched a year back but the recent influence of bigger brands and celebrities using Vero App is making it popular. And that’s the only reason the Vero App isn’t working properly at the moment. Here’s what their recent tweet says!

Vero Code Not Working Too?

When I tried to install the app yesterday (12:20 PM IST, 26th Feb 2018), but I got a confirmation code on the call 12 hours later in midnight (around 12:45 AM, 27th Feb). And sometimes, even the app isn’t opening. That’s something to worry when the Vero App is viral and users aren’t able to use it without any flaws. Other than that, once you are successful in opening the Vero App, you will hardly find any issues.

Vero App Not Working

As you can clearly observe that there’s an option with “Call me with Code,” which isn’t actually working smoothly as it should be. This creates a lots of issues at a user end. At times, I thought of giving up when I didn’t get the code. I kept on trying all the day and unexpectedly, I got a call in midnight with the code. But there’s a twist here as well!

When I entered the code which I got on the call, I got a popup with Code Invalid. Now that was really embarrassing! I gave up! But today morning (8 AM IST, 27th Feb), when I opened the app, it didn’t ask me any code and I was successfully able to login to my account. What was that!?

After a lot of attempts, my profile is working now but it still takes time initially when I open the app. It almost takes 2 to 3 minutes to see my feed, till then, it displays the home page of the app which shows VERO BETA!

Final Verdict on Vero App

Believe me, this app is going to beat Instagram very soon (my personal thoughts, nothing offensive here). But issues like these can ruin the popularity of this social media app. The Vero developers now need to tackle this at the earliest or they will lose many users for sure! Stay tuned to for more news on Vero App!

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