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TBH Time App

The latest hit on the iOS App Store is TBH Time! In free apps category, TBH App for iOS is the trending app on the app store since 2 days! The anonymous app is just simply super awesome than Sarahah App which was released a few months back!

“If we’re improving the mental health of millions of teens, that’s a success to us,” says Nikita Bier, co-founder of TBH Time! The TBH App download mostly works on questions which ask positive things about your friends.

TBH Time

What is TBH App?

The app contains the basic questions just like “Who has the best smile?”, “Better keep in touch with me after education,” or “Would steal a free balloon on free balloon day.” These kinds of questions are asked in the app where 4 friends’ names are given to select with. This would give the opposite person an anonymous feedback. It’s not like other apps which send anonymous replies or comments. Now let’s have a look at the features of TBH App for Android & iOS.

Features of TBH App for Android & iOS

Now few people may ask that, can this app be used for intimidating someone? Hopefully not! Because most of the questions are asked in a positive way related to goals or relations or job or friendship kind of things! So basically this app doesn’t show any kind of intimidation thing instead, TBH Time App asks users for a frank opinion regarding their friends!

Some of the exciting features of this TBH App are as follows! Make sure that you read each and every feature so that you don’t miss a chance of using TBH Time App in the best way! Here you go!


#1. Lots of questions are asked in TBH Time App where you can answer lots of friends anonymously!

#2. There’s almost no limit to the questions asked in this TBH App.

#3. The options to select are the best of your friends who you chat a lot of who are already on this trending app.

#4. Four options are given to you to select the answer for the question asked in TBH Time App for Android & iOS.

#5. Once you answer the question, an anonymous feedback is sent to the user on TBH App.

So this is how TBH Time App works both on Android & iOS. Now let’s see how you can download TBH App on your Android & iOS devices.

Download TBH Time for iOS

The overall procedure to download TBH Time for iOS is quite simple. Here’s what all you need to follow in the below given guide of TBH App for iOS.

TBH Time App APK Android

#1. Open the Safari browser and search for TBH Time for iOS.

#2. Once you find the official result displayed on the search engine with “iTunes” in the title, simply click on it.

#3. Head over to the iTunes and click on download TBH App button as appeared on the screen.

#4. Hang on till the app gets downloaded on your iPhone/iPad.

#5. TBH Time App runs on iOS 9, iOS 10 & iOS 11 as well!

So this is how you once can download & install TBH Time App on iOS devices like iPhone and iPad. Now let’s find out the procedure to download TBH Time APK download for Android devices.

TBH Time APK for Android

There’s no bigger difference in between installing the TBH Time Android & TBH iOS App on your smartphones and tablets. Here’s the procedure to install TBH Time Android APK on your devices.

#1. Firstly, let me tell you that, TBH Time APK is not available in Google Play Store at the moment.

#2. So you either wait till the official TBH APK is released or trust on the third party sources to install the TBH Time Android APK. Or simply wait to see if it’s released on Tutu App

#3. In that case, you can click on this link to download TBH Time Android App to install it on your smartphones and tablets.

#4. Once you download the TBH Time APK on your Android, next step is the enable the unknown sources options by heading over to security settings on your mobile phone or tablets.

#5. If the above process is completed, you can now safely install TBH Android APK on your mobiles.

This is the detailed guide to download and install TBH Time App on Android. There’s no word on TBH Time PC version at but looking at the popularity it gained in 2 days, I am quite sure that it will be released soon.

Final Words on TBH

This app is spreading furiously all around the world at the moment. So make sure that you don’t fall in a trap of any fake TBH App by downloading it from unknown websites. Only trust websites like Nox App Player to download any Android game or Android app on your smartphones.

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