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TBH App Download for Android, iOS & PC!


TBH App: Wouldn’t you want to open your phone to fabulous compliments from friends? Wouldn’t you want to be ranked as the “underdog” in your squad? You would, right? Well, you’d be mad not to want that. In the age that we live in, there is an app for everything.

With the various anonymity apps like Sarahah, Secret and so on being misused as a platform for hurling abusive and hurtful comments, there is an intense need for an app that propagates positive anonymity such as TBH Time. Yes, tbh app it is. We’ve all used acronyms like brb, tbh, hru, and so on. Tbh means To Be honest.

TBH Time was launched by Midnight Labs with the belief that social media can be used for love and positivity. Midnight Labs was established in 2010 and has built around fifteen apps. The team at TBH App explains that their app differs from the many other anonymity apps because the other apps can let users degrade to cyberbullying. However, TBH App doesn’t provide that opportunity.

TBH Time

Features of TBH Time App

The TBH app is a superb hit on both Android and iOS platforms. Ranking among the top free apps in both the app stores, the popularity of the app is quite high. With TBH app propagating positivity and optimistic feelings among individuals, the purpose of the app is fulfilled.

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Here are a few features that are added bonuses to the amazing TBH Time app:

  • Easy to use
  • Contains endless questions
  • You can play with all your contacts
  • Connect with social media accounts
  • Share questions on social media platforms
  • Use on both iOS and Android platforms
  • Various badges and milestones in the app

Why Use TBH App?

The features of TBH app are endless. The TBH Time app was developed by Midnight Labs to create vibes of positivity and optimism. With the growth of technology, there has also been an immense increase in cyberbullying. With the added benefit of unaccountability to freedom of speech, individuals misuse it to hurl abusive comments and hurtful things to others.

Download TBH App for Android iOS

This negative nature breaks down confidence and doesn’t allow the individual to become strong. It breaks down their ability to want to do things. It disables them from pursuing excellence and leads to depression. With the youth being the largest consumer of smartphones, there’s no surprise in making apps that are targetting the youth which is exactly what Midnight Labs did.

How Does TBH Time Work?

TBH Time lets you add all your contacts and then start playing. You get a random question such as “Best to bring to a party?” or “The best person to go on a road trip with”. You get to pick a friend for that particular question. The elimination of open text field and innocuous questions such as “What do you think about me?” gives a larger window to positivity and love.

How to Download TBH App APK for Android

Here’s my guide to downloading the TBH app for your Android device. These step by step instructions can help you get the TBH Time app without having any issues.


Step by Step Guide to Install TBH APK

Step 1: Go to settings and check the box that allows you to install applications from third-party sources.

Step 2: You can download the TBH APK file from any alternative source. However, there are many websites that provide false information. You can click on this link here to download the TBH Time APK safely.

Step 3: Move the Tbh App APK file to the internal storage of your Android device.

Step 4: Once you do that, click install and follow the on-screen instructions to download the application.

Step 5: You can now launch the TBH App, connect to your social media accounts and start answering.

By following these few steps mentioned above, you can enjoy the TBH Time fun with all your friends.

How to Download TBH Time App on iOS

The download process in iOS is quite similar to that of Android.

You can open Safari on your iOS device and search for TBH Time. com or TBHTime. com or click on this link here. This will navigate you to the downloading window. This will install the TBH Time on your iOS device. Apart from iOS & Android, you can also download TBH for PC by using Bluestacks 3 App Player on your PC or Mac!

Final Thoughts on TBHTime .com

The TBH app has a very promising future as it not only incorporates the use of social media but it also is aimed at creating a positive and optimistic vibe. This eliminates the risk of cyberbullying and creates a healthy communication and also acts as a good medium for interacting with friends and family. Stay tuned to RULE.FM blog for more such funny apps and games!

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