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Super Mario Run Hack Android & iOS! Free Coins, Toads & Unlocked Levels

Super Mario Run Hack

We all grew up playing video games since our childhood, and if you’re a 90’s kid, most of us got introduced to the gaming world with the prominent Super Mario Run Hack. Remember those extra powers, collecting coins, clearing the different stages and at last climbing the flag? Relive your moments by installing Super Mario Run hack now!

While tonnes of updated versions are being released from the same franchise, with many additional features added to the game each time, Nintendo slowly started developing the first Super Mario Run game for the smartphone users. Previously, the game was only made available for the iOS users (after being launched the previous year); but it is made available for the Android users right from March 23rd, 2017.

Like the iOS version, the Super Mario Run Hack is available for the Android users for free on the Google Play Store, and it comes with a trial of three different modes namely Toad Rally, World Tour and Kingdom Builder. However, the full game is made premium and one can access it only after making a purchase of the Super Mario Run by spending $9.99 on it without any microtransactions. Let me tell you that, you can also play Super Mario Run on PC besides Android & iOS devices. 😀

Super Mario Run Hack

On the other hand, the Nintendo also updated many features of the Super Mario Run hack iOS version after fixing the bugs. News says that it has got new characters apart from Yoshi and also it allows you to change the colour of Yoshi as well. The color, in the Super Mario Run holds a significance as each color has the ability to unlock toads of the same color in the Toad Rally mode, for example. Nintendo released Pokemon Go game and Pokemon Duel before releasing Super Mario Run Android version.

Apart from Super Mario Run hack, I have also posted about Dream League Soccer 2017 Hack guide to get unlimited coins and many are using it already! 🙂 So are you the ready to use Super Mario Run Hack version on your Android & iOS devices? If yes, go through the features, gameplay and then the tips & tricks to hack Super Mario run game!

Features of Super Mario Run 2.0

  1. The recent version of Super Mario Run hack has four different colours of Yoshi to play the Toad Rally mode with.
  2. You can also play the Browser’s challenge in the game. In case if you have cleared the challenge, you can unlock the course 1-4 which is locked previously.
  3. You can also play new courses in each mode. For example, a new course in Toad Rally has green and blue toads that cheer you on, while you’re playing the game and by collecting them, you can unlock new buildings.
  4. The new version has many new buildings that can be unlocked and each new building will add a new element to the game
  5. The rally tickets that you earn in the Bonus game can help you in playing the Toad Rally mode.
  6. You can clear the tricky courses of a mode by playing it at an easy level which provides unlimited time and as well as bubbles.
  7. The appearance rates of toads in the Toad Rally are now adjusted and which is why you can catch many toads unlike before.
  8. The “How to Play” tutorial is now made easier to understand where you can view it at the start and then select the mode in order to get hold of the moves, coins and other elements of the Super Mario Run hack.
  9. As the number of requirements and rally tickets to unlock buildings are now adjusted, the game has become easier and cleaner to play than the before version.

So these are some of the finest features of Super Mario run hack that you must read before playing the game. It will give you a rough idea about the game so that you can easily continue to Super Mario Run hack Android process without any hassles.

Super Mario Run

Game Play of Super Mario Run Hack

Super Mario Run hack which can be freely downloaded offers three modes without any payment, and after purchasing the app, you can get hold of the game on the whole without any further payments. The three available modes are World Tour, Kingdom Builder and Toad Rally.

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Super Mario Run Hack Modes

  1. World Tour: In this mode, one can run and jump to rescue the Princess with style from the clutches. The travel includes airships, plains, terrains, ghost houses, caverns and castles. To reach the castle, Yoshi has to clear a total of 24 courses across 6 different worlds. The courses can be played by collecting the 3 different coloured coins or by competing for the top score. The first 4 courses are available for free and later can be unlocked gradually by playing hard or by downloading Super Mario Run hack.
  2. Toad Rally: Created to flaunt the style of Mario, it is a mode where the competition changes each time. You can compete with other players for the highest rank while you get cheered by the toads and gather coins. The gauge can be filled by stylish moves and by entering the coin rush mode to gain more coins. After winning the rally, the toads will become a part of your kingdom and your kingdom will grow subsequently.
  3. Kingdom Builder: Same as the previous one, this mode mainly focuses on the building of Mario Kingdom. Combining buildings after winning them and then decorating them to form your own kingdom is what makes this mode more important. You can find around 100 items in this mode, and if you keep getting more toads, the buildings and decorations increase gradually helping you to build a beautiful kingdom.

Super Mario Run Hack Unlock Levels Coins Free

Super Mario Run Android Hack – Tips & Tricks

These tips & tricks are more than a Super Mario Run hack. By implementing these tricks, you can easily get more coins & unlock all levels in Super Mario Run hack game. So here are the tips & tricks you need to follow before you install Super Mario Run Hack apk from below.

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#1. Standard Jump: The most important jump required to play the Mario game is the standard jump. All you need to do is lightly tap the screen to make the Mario do an easy jump giving the Mario ability to run and move. This is the most frequently used jump of the game.

#2. Small Jump: Sometimes, you might need a much smaller jump in order to vault the opponents or the obstacles and therefore, a jump so little will comes in handy. You don’t have to do anything but simply watch as Mario automatically jumps in such cases.

#3. Long Jump: It is obvious to know how to make a lengthy jump with an extra boost or a high jump with extra energy to guard against certain obstructions. Therefore, you can just tap the screen and hold it for seconds before letting go. After letting go of the screen, the Mario descends so it is important to know the timing of the jump.

#4. Spin Jump: One more jump that comes handy when you need a little more hanging time during the jump to keep the Mario in the air is the Spin Jump. This jump takes a little longer time than the long jump and to make one; you need to simply tap the screen twice. Once to make the jump and once when he is mid-air to make the spin.

#5. Reverse Jump: Do you know that Mario can actually make a reverse jump? All you need to do is make the Mario collide with a physical entity say a wall or a brick while you jump and by this, he will make a reverse jump. You can use this move to escape the fall or death which can’t be avoided in a straight way.

Super Mario Run Hack Android

#6. Combo Jumps: It is amazing to know that we can even perform a combination of jumps in the Super Mario Run. If you find a Goomba and when Mario starts vaulting himself against, tap on the screen. By this, Mario will crush the enemy and use the springboard to launch again off, gaining some extra air and making a combination jump.

#7. Ninja Roll: When the Mario is at the edge and is about to fall off the ledge, you can make him do a roll upon landing to avoid any falling. Tap on the screen just when and he will knock out the enemies like a bowling pin after rolling.

#8. Multiple Blocks: Do you know that you can bash two blocks at a time? Well, timing is the key here. You can maximise Mario’s headbutting by timing the headbutt exactly between the two blocks so that he can collect extra coins and items by putting less time and effort.

#9. Pause Blocks: Mario’s cardio sometimes more than often becomes difficult to be controlled. As a remedy, you need to get a pause block usually when they pop up and take a break. When you hit a pause block, your timer will also be paused as long as you stay on the block and meanwhile you can also plan the run ahead.

#10. Directional Blocks: Arrow blocks that you find amid the game usually helps you in finding the way. By following the arrows, you will always find the hidden coins and occasionally, you can find some of the blocks on the ground. when you tap on them, they can act as a springboard allowing the Mario to make jumps at double speed.

So these are few Super Mario Run Android hacks. Now let’s move on to Super Mario Run Hack for iOS and then the next section would be to download Super Mario Run Hack APK Mod for Android users.

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 Super Mario Run iOS Hack

Super Mario Run Hack iOS

#1. KO Bubble: You know that there’s an advantage of this bubble in Super Mario Run? You can use it to rewind the level and play the game again in a different way by grabbing the chances that you have missed the first time. However, the game clock will not be paused while you are using the bubble and therefore, it is important to keep a track on time.

#2. Recharge: The Toad Rally mode will help you in recharging the batteries. Between stages you can take a breath by collecting the toads, unlocking new buildings and by making your kingdom bigger and trust me, it is incredible fun.

#3. Unlock characters: By collecting the toads in the Toad Rally, as mentioned above; you can unlock some houses, purchase few others to unlock characters. As per the data collected, few toads will unlock few characters by following the colour theme.

#4. Risk management: While collecting the toads in the Toad Rally mode, make sure that you don’t lose them. Once you have lost the race, you will lose all the toads that you have collected. Therefore, pick against whom you’re racing and try to play safe to keep your toads safe in the sack.

#5. Fungal Fury: Toad Rally is the easiest mode to be played in the Super Mario Run as toads are easy to unlock. All you need to do is open the app and sign in using the Nintendo account in order to unlock the toad and start building the kingdom. You can unleash the fury by using the Facebook account as well. Just tap on a particular toad and choose “Redeem.” in order to fasten the game.

#6. Unlocked characters: After collecting the toads and unlocking characters, you can go the kingdom of yours. From there, select “Menu” at the top right corner and choose “Notebook” from there. Here, in the drop down menu, go with the “Characters” and choose the character you want to play as.

#7. Character knowledge: Each character in the Super Mario Run is different with different skills say speed, acceleration, type of jumps they make, running ability, etc. Therefore it is important to know about the attributes of each character and choose them wisely to play different levels.

#8. Challenge Coins: As you play a level again and again in order to practice, try playing in a way you can collect all the special coins of the level. If you have collected all the coins you will be given the Toad Rally tickets and will also be levelled up simultaneously. With each level upgrade, the coins colors keep changing.

#9. Bonus Games: Remember the houses that you have built in the tutorial? Well, it contains few bonus games. Therefore after building new buildings, keep refreshing the mushroom house and other buildings by tapping on them to play the bonus games and get hold of the goodies as well.

#10. Goombas: You can find a meter in Super Mario Run showing the number of enemies that you have crushed in each level. You can max the meter out by stomping more enemies and by levelling them up. By doing so, your worth also increases each time you squash one of these enemies in other modes.

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So these are some tips you need to follow before the Super Mario Run Hack process for Android & iOS. So here you go with the Super Mario Run Hack APK Mod for Android users to unlock all levels, toads and unlimited coins for free!

Super Mario Run Mod APK Download to Hack All Levels & Toads

As mentioned earlier, Super Mario Run is a game which has only three of the modes available as free and to get hold of the other courses and modes; one has to purchase the game. With the game being released recently, the developers are working hard to crack the game and provide a Modified APK file of Super Mario Run hack which trespasses all the limitations that are set by the game developers.

Super Mario Run MOD APK

This cracked version will help you to play the game without any constraints or limitations as such. You can access all the 24 courses of the three modes as mentioned above and can unlock all the characters in a go. You can also modify the coins, points by entering the desired value and also can grab all the resources without purchasing them or spending a dime on them.

  1. To download the Super Mario Run Hack Mod APK, click on the downloading link below. As this is a third party source, you should enable downloading from unknown sources before you install the Mod version on your device.
  2. To do this, go to the Settings>Security and find the Unknown sources. Check the box beside it to enable downloading from third party websites.
  3. Download the file by clicking on the link mentioned and go to the notification bar to locate the file. Open the file and tap on the “Install” option to install the game.
  4. Wait for the installation to be done before you start playing the game without any restrictions.

Conclusion of Super Mario Run Hack Mod

Though there are many games with the similar concept, there is something about Super Mario that draws us to the game. Unlike other games which offer free to play, Super Mario Run is only offered as a demo with a fixed price to unlock the rest of the content before you enjoy all the perks of the game.

Despite that, the game is given positive critic reviews irrespective of the high price it holds and the required internet connectivity. It has been noted as one of the fast downloaded and purchased an app in the history of iOS apps with around 50 million downloads in the first week of the release, and the developers are expecting the same with the Android users.

However, a thing that they don’t know is that the Android developers are smart as they can develop the Super Mario Run Mod APK within a while after the release of the game. That being said, Super Mario Run Hack is one such game that will give us nostalgia and will keep us engaged throughout. Why not try it out? Download Super Mario Run Hack now! Don’t forget to stay updated on hacks section for more hacks on our blog.

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