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PTT Messgner APK Download for Android & iOS!

PTT Messenger APK

There’s a lot of hullabaloo with PTT Messenger APK Indir in Turkey right now after the government announced the news. There are lots of questions arising in the minds of people that what is PTT Messenger? And how to Download PTT Messenger for Android & iOS!

Well, to clear all your queries, we have got a detailed guide to the features of PTT Messenger APK Indir and how you can get this messenger Android & iOS for free so that you know more about this new initiative by Turkey government.PTT Messenger APK Indir

What is PTT Messenger?

PTT Messenger is a national communication app for journalists in Turkey. It was introduced by Bekir Bozdag, Speaker and Deputy Chairman of Turkey. Pointing towards WhatsApp, Bekir said that WhatsApp is an international application used by many people but we have created a unique messenger which can be used just by Turkish citizens.

As of now, the PTT Messenger will be available for journalists (maybe for testing) and later it will be available for all the citizens of the country. An important change is an important development, he added about the innovation of this messenger. It has been developed taking the security and technology into consideration. Its multi-functionality feature eases the way a user uses PTT Messenger APK on Android and iOS!

Features of PTT Messenger

When we talk about the features of PTT Messenger APK Indir, it’s no different than WhatsApp, but the fact that it’s developed just for Turkey makes it a unique messenger in itself. Here are the features of PTT Messenger APK Download.

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  1. Instant Messaging
  2. Group Messaging
  3. Voice Call
  4. Video Call
  5. Photo, Video, File & Location Sharing

So these are some common features of PTT Messenger. Now let’s see how you can actually download PTT Messenger Android & PTT Messenger for iOS.

PTT Messenger APK Indir (Android, iOS)

As of now, there’s no such link to Google Play store or iTunes Store (Apple Store) available to download PTT Messenger. The government of Turkey has just listed a single link for PTT Messenger APK Indir. Just click here to download PTT Messenger for Android & iOS! If the link isn’t opening, just copy & paste this URL into your browser

Conclusion on PTTMessenger

This is the information we have as of now. We will keep you updated once we get more information on PTT Messenger. Till then, stay tuned to Rule FM blog for latest news on Android Apps & iOS Apps!

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