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Pokemesh 10.6 APK: Real Time Map for Pokemon Go!

Pokemesh 10.6

If you are finding it hard to catch Pokemons while playing Pokemon Go, here’s the real time map for you! 😀 It’s Pokemesh 10.6 version this time! To make sure that you are on top of the game, you need to download Pokemesh 10.6 APK on your Android devices now!

The real time maps of Pokemesh 10.6 display the Pokestops, gyms, hidden Pokemons etc around you! Now this is just like icing on the cake if you find the right one and store it! Isn’t it? 😛 Pokemesh apk is quite famous among the users. If you are a Pokemon go game lover, then you would definitely like it.

Pokemesh 10.6 APK

If you have already used Pokemesh APK previously, you might be well aware of the features of Pokemesh. Aren’t you? But if you are new to this thing, you need to know what Pokemesh is all about and how it improves the gaming experience of Pokemon Go on Android devices. Take a note that Pokemesh 10.6 is not available in Google Play Store and you need to download it by following the procedure mentioned in today’s article below!

Before you download Pokemesh APK 10.6 on your Android devices, let me first list few updated features of this real time map so that you can use it effectively when you play Pokemon GO!

Pokemesh 10.6 APK

Pokemesh 10.6 APK Updated Features

The latest APK of Pokemesh works fine with all the Android devices. All you need to take care is, the Android version must be of 4.4 or above on your device. If you reading about Niantic frequently, you might be well aware that it is banning such real time maps such as Pokevision. But don’t worry, there are no issues with Pokemesh APK latest update 🙂 It is also said that Pokemon Go PC game isn’t working with any of the Android emulators.

So here are some features of the Pokemesh latest update. Have a glimpse at them now!

#1. Obviously, it works with the latest version of the game which is Pokemon Go 0.47.1

#2. It displays more Pokestops, Pokemons, Gyms etc even better and more in number so that you never miss anything on your screen to store it 🙂

#3. Notifications at it best! You will now get notifications when a Pokemon is around you. This lets you catch it right on the go!

#4. Perfect for beginners as it guides in a simple way throughout the game.

#5. The latest version of Pokemesh comes with a start button which scans on the map for Pokemons, Pokestops, Gyms etc.

#6. Overlay map has been included in Pokemesh 10.6 APK version which helps you to run Pokemon Go app along with real time map. 🙂

#7. You can now select custom icons by updating this latest version of Pokemesh.

#8. There’s a timer included for each Pokemon on the real time map so that you never miss one.

#9. To move quickly around your place finding Pokemons, an Address Bar is added.

#10. It’s now easy to mark gym and Pokestop on the map. But this is optional, so you can opt out of it if not necessary.

So these are some outstanding features of Pokemesh real time map 10.6 APK. I hope that above given list of features has given you enough idea about the update. By this, you will now be able to play Pokemon Go effectively. You can also go for TuTuApp Pokemon Go to play in a better way 🙂

Download Pokemesh 10.6 APK

To avoid any interruptions, I highly recommend you to change the settings in your Android devices as given below. As the app isn’t available in Google Play Store, it is must make change in the settings section of your smartphone. Here you go!

#1. Go to settings.

#2. Tap on security settings

#3. Scroll down and enable unknown sources 

This will allow you to download Pokemesh 10.6 APK without any hassles. So let’s move on to the guide on how to install Pokemesh APK Android on your mobile phone. Also read about Freedom APK to know what’s new in crack games 😉

How to Download Pokemesh 10.6 APK on Android

As said earlier that to improve the gaming experience of Pokemon Go, it is must for you install Pokemesh 10.6 latest APK on your Android devices. So here’s how you can do it within fraction of seconds 😀

#1. Turn on the internet connection of your phone if it’s not in ON mode 😛

#2. As you have already turned on the unknown sources option, you can skip this step. But if you haven’t, just go to settings >> security >>> enable unknown sources and you are all set to download Pokemesh APK.

#3. Now download the Pokemesh 10.6 APK from here

#4. Once the APK is downloaded, go to downloads folder and tap on Pokemesh 10.6 APK file.

#5. Just wait for few seconds until the file gets installed on your Android device.

#6. Once done, log in using your email ID and necessary details. You can use the same details which you used for Pokemon Go app.

Conclusion of  PokéMesh 10.6 Android

You are now ready to use latest Pokemesh APK Android. Finding Pokemon around you with Pokemesh real time map is now easy than never before. Isn’t it? 😛

Let me know in comments if you face any issue while using or downloading the app.  I will be happy to help you in catching more Pokemons 😀

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