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Monument Valley 2 APK Download for Android!

Monument Valley 2 APK

The sequel to the Monument Valley has been a surprise given the content it contains. It has surprised people throughout the world. The game was announced back in June, this year and it has been released at in November. During the release, it is mentioned that the game is an iOS exclusive at the launch, while the game has finally made the way to the rest of the platforms, during the next months.

The developer of the game Ustwo has mentioned that the Monument Valley 2 APK Android version of the game will be available on the 6th of November. When compared with the original game, this has been a breakout hit because of the numerous downloads that happened within few days after the release. The game has been downloaded around 30 million times and is marked as an impeccable puzzle game by the users who downloaded it.

The Monument Valley 2 Android has been designed as an intuitive game in which the users can guide the characters through gorgeous scenes as the game is filled with enthralling architecture. Unlike the first game, the sequence changes the things up and enlarges the narrative; conveying the story of a mother and the child. The entire game gets unveiled in 14 different chapters as it introduces you to the world through new interactive methods and beautiful new levels.

Monument Valley 2 APK Download for Android

Monument Valley 2 Android Download

All the videos games today, contain superheroes, sportsmen or vigilantes that usually try to save the world. Mothers are hardly present in any of the video games and even when they are, they are shown as vulnerable humans or damsel in distress that is to be protected. Dan Gray, the studio lead of Ustwo has mentioned that it was intentional to develop a mother character which not only protects and imparts the knowledge onto the child but also an influential and powerful woman; altogether. The Monument Valley 2 APK contains one such character that you can’t help but fall in love with.

The Monument Valley 2 APK Download will set you on a journey of a mother and her child to discover delightful pathways through illusional puzzlers while you learn the secrets that you have been desiring. The Monument Valley 2, on a whole is an impossible tomorrow land kind of world. Ro, the mother and the lead of game reaches the child about the valley, stunning environments and the ‘Inception’ like manipulating geometries that come in the way. The game has been listed as a subtle yet very sophisticated with vignettes of the mysterious world. It gives you one of the best experiences on all the platforms as you get enraptured by the elements of the game.

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To play the Monument Valley 2 APK, you don’t have to play the first version as this universe is completely different with a new story. There are many beautiful levels in the game filled with meditative interactions that can change the dynamics of the game and even the characters. Another attractive element of the game is the artwork that has been inspired by a unique and eclectic blend of artistic movements, architecture styles, and personal influences altogether translating into changing geometrical structures. That being said, you can immerse yourself in the alluring and interactive soundscapes of the game as it is perfectly tailored to make the journey of Ro and her child exciting.

Mountain Valley 2 APK Download

The Mountain Valley 2 APK is available to download on the Android devices from the first week of November. You can download the game as soon as it is launched by pre-registering for it on the Google Play Store. To do this, open the Play Store and enter the keyword ‘ Mountain Valley 2 APK’ and wait for the search results. From the results, click on the official file and choose the button saying, ‘Pre-register’. In case if you find the file is already launched, you can click on the option install’ and wait for the game to be downloaded. Make sure that you’re using the Android version 4.4 and above in order to download the game.

Download Monument Valley 2 for Android

In case if you find the process of Download Monument Valley 2 for Android from the Google Play Store, a bit difficult; you can instead download the file from any third party source. Make sure that you go with a trustable source that doesn’t contain any malware and this is one of such sources. To download the file from here, open a mobile browser or a web browser; and enter the URL of this page.

  1. Before doing this visit System Settings> Security> Unknown sources and enable the rectangle beside it to allow the device, download the files from third-party sites.
  2. After the page is loaded, click on the link saying, “Download Monument Valley 2 1.1.14 APK” from the page and wait for the file to download. Access the file either from the notification bar or from the file manager.
  3. In case if you have downloaded it on your computer, open the file and transfer it to the mobile via ShareIt, Bluetooth or a USB cord before you start the installation.
  4. Click on the downloaded file to initiate the installation of the Monument Valley 2 APK 1.1.14 game and wait for few minutes till you find the logo on the system tray menu. Open it to play the game.

Monument Valley 2 Android 1.1.14 is one of those games that allows you to think strategically. In case if you’re tired of playing the routine games which get boring after you have reached a certain level or the racing games that only are about ecstasy, you have come to the right place. And if you are looking forward to get the hacked version or Mod APK of Monument valley 2 Android version, then get this free VIP Tutu App to unlock all the paid version of this game!

Conclusion on Monument Valley 2

Monument Valley 2 APK has everything that you are looking in order to keep you occupied. Along with the puzzles, you will also be offered sentiment between the mother and the child in the amusing architectural plane that you just can’t resist playing. All you need to do is ensure that your device has minimum system requirements and download Monument Valley 2 APK 1.1.14 in order to get the best out of it, eloquently. What are you waiting for?

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