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Lineage 2 Revolution APK Download for Android & iOS

Lineage 2 Revolution Download

Netmarble, the company that gave us many revolutionary role-playing games has entered the world of Android and iOS. Netmarble officially decided to launch Lineage 2 Revolution on both Android and iOS. Known for their high-end graphics and details, gamers are euphoric to have access to this game on their phones.

The massive boost the graphics gets is because of Unreal Engine 4, many gamers are out on the hunt for Lineage 2 Revolution APK. The game is set out in the same open world that was featured in the PC version of Lineage 2. Lineage 2 Revolution has many similarities to its original PC version.

Lineage 2 Revolution Download

The game also has playable classes. With Lineage 2 Revolution out on both Smartphone platforms, the company seems to have made a grand entrance into the app market. Similar is in the case of Modern Combat Versus Android and Shadow Fight 3 as well. They are a treat to play along with Lineage 2 Revolution. 

Lineage 2 Revolution Features

The game being a spin-off version of the highly famous Lineage 2 Revolution PC version, there are no doubts regarding the detail, quality and graphics. The game is designed to give a multiplayer mode a different experience. With the joy of playing with players worldwide and the option to customise their character heavily, the game has a very bright future in the Android market. The features in Lineage 2 Revolution Android and Lineage 2 Revolution iOS are as explained below.

#1. Three Classes

Players can now choose any of these three classes; warrior, ranger or mage in Lineage 2 Revolution APK. Anyone who gets Lineage 2 Revolution download can devastate their enemies in this wonderful world with various skills and attacking abilities.

#2. Four Unique Races

When you download Lineage 2 Revolution, you can choose between four gender-locked races. Players can choose Human, Elf, Dark Elf, and Dwarf. With these choices, all you have to do is customise your character and start exploring the world of Lineage 2 Revolution.

#3. Lineage Franchise

You can get the best of both worlds as you can play for the world and the lore.

#4. Multiplayer Fun

Wage a siege war by taking on group dungeons with other players across the globe or your friends around you.

#5. Detailed Graphics

With 3D detailed graphics created in Unreal Engine 4, Lineage 2 Revolution Android gives the players a whole new experience.

Lineage 2 Revolution GamePlay

Lineage 2 Revolution Gameplay

Lineage 2 Revolution APK starts off with a quick tutorial and a guide that helps players learn about the controls and there are clear indicators telling them what they need to do next. In Lineage 2 Revolution players are also helped with customising their weapons, and using other skill sets.

The immersive gameplay is detailed and is one of the reasons why Lineage 2 Revolution Android is the best MMORPG games released this year. The soundtrack, graphics, story line and of course te characters are of very high standards. The introduction is so attractive that it can have the player hooked for hours.

Players are given basics in the starting and as they progress through Lineage 2 Revolution APK they can earn more points with which they can increase their inventory and upgrade themselves. As the players increase their experience they can fight bigger monsters and also wage wars against other classes.

Players should be careful to not skip the tutorial as it’s highly beneficial and very informative. The players who are playing for the first time should make a note of the auto play feature that helps you play another level while you sit back and relax.

How to Download Lineage 2 Revolution APK for Android

You can now get Lineage 2 Revolution APK download here. With this, you can start exploring the world of Lineage 2 Revolution APK. Here’s a detailed step by step guide to help you download Lineage 2 Revolution Android.

Lineage 2 Revolution APK Download

Step By Step Guide for Android APK users

Step 1: Ensure that your phone can support the game as the graphics are highly detailed and very advanced. Ensure that you’ve enough space before you start the download.

Step 2: Download Lineage 2 Revolution APK here. If this link doesn’t work for you, then you can alternatively download from here or from any other source you trust.

Step 3: Open Lineage 2 Revolution APK on your phone and install it like you would any other APK file.

Step 4: Now, close all your other apps. Find the app in the app drawer and start playing.

Phones with a RAM higher than 2GB run the game smoother because of its high definition graphics and sound quality. I recommend those with a smaller RAM to take a look at the game’s minimum phone requirements before installing.

Happy Gaming!

How to Download Lineage 2 Revolution for iOS

Many iOS users were glad to hear that this spectacular game is available on iOS platform. For those who need to download Lineage 2 Revolution iOS, here’s a detailed guide for you.

Guide to Download Lineage 2 Revolution on iPhone & iPad

Step 1: Look at the minimum phone requirements before you install the game. Make sure you have enough space on your device.

Step 2: You can log in to your iTunes store with your Apple id. Search for the app and start the download.

Step 3: Once the installation completes, you can find the app on your home screen. Launch the game.

Step 4: Customise your character and start playing.

The tutorial at the beginning of the game is highly beneficial especially for those who’ve never played the game. Make sure that you follow it clearly so that you can become the best player in Lineage 2 Revolution.

Final Thoughts on Lineage 2 Revolution

Despite being a spin-off, the game was developed very well especially because of Unreal Engine 4. Netmarble has done and excellent job in giving the world of gamers a whole new game. Download Lineage 2 Revolution APK to get the best of all the features so that you can understand why it is the best MMORPG game ever.

Be sure to stay updated on my website for a Lineage 2 Revolution hack guide to help you get the best out of your game.

Have fun to explore more at!

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