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Last Day on Earth: Survival Mod APK 1.6.8 Download!

Last Day on Earth 1.6.8

Last Day on Earth survival hack is a strategy game based on the Free MMORPG zombie shooters. All the survivors in the game are only driven by a single target with the sole motive of staying alive for as long as you possibly can. The game can be termed as a post apocalypse game with dead zombies walking around, shooting the people.

This game is as brutal as it gets with no place for compassion, friendship, and love. Going to the background of the game, the game plot has a deadly plague in the form of a viral pandemic, that turns the world into a full dead zone with live zombies. This game is full of twists and turns that you’re the only person that you can possibly trust in it as the survivors get affected by dead zombies, one by one.  You can also play this game on PC or Mac by downloading Bluestacks latest version.

Last Day on Earth Survival Mod APK

Features of Last Day on Earth Survival Mod APK 1.6.8

  1. Zombies Everywhere: This game doesn’t give you any team. You will be pinned against a huge army of walking dead and you’re on your own. Unless until you can protect yourself from the gunship zombies.
  2. Survival Craft: You can improve the strategy and as well as the skills by creating more deadly weapons. The dead zombies and enemies should be killed in order to be perfect at the craft. The target should be chosen very wisely and the zombies should be shot accurately by pulling the dead trigger.
  3. New Territories: Search the survivor camps and the military bases to find the valuable resources along with the deadly weapons. With the new territories, you can keep away from the frontier and shoot the zombies to get resources.
  4. Clan and Gunship: Shoot the dead zombies along with other players in this war strategy game. As easy as it seems to survive in this game, you need to team up with other survivors, join other clans and defeat the enemies, strategically.
  5. Communication: You can use the chat in order to communicate with other players. Information is the most important resource of the life and in this post-apocalyptic shooting game, members have to cooperate with each other to go on a raid.
  6. Strategy Skills: Wild animals, plague infection, hunger, cold and thirst can kill you in this game, faster than the zombies. As the world turns into an evil residence there are many infections that you should protect yourself from. In this game, survival craft is essential to keep you intact.

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Last Day on Earth Survival Hack APK

Gameplay of Last Day on Earth: Survival

In 2027, an unknown plague occurred and it started wiping out the entire world. This virus has been named as a deadly pandemic that carried around 80% of the population, while it turned them into walking zombies. If you’re one of those people who watch Walking Dead, the plot of the game is pretty evident to you, without any explanations.

However, it’s not the zombies that are your main problem. It’s the unkilled people who would want to turn you into zombies are your mail problem which is why you need to stay together or join clans. You can choose your own path in this game to raid to the frontier and use different ways to survive in the dead zombie zone.

Also, a thing to remember in Last Day on Earth Survival Mod APK 1.6.8 is that you can find these dead zombies, walking everywhere. You need to kill the zombies with different weapons, shoot the zombies, fire them, gun them, smash them or slash them, plug them or gunship them as long as you want to survive. Every minute decision, you take in the game matters which is why you need to be careful, every moment.

What’s New in Last Day on Earth Mod APK 1.6.8

  1. You can find the bauxite in the iron deposits of the dangerous locations. By collecting them, you can smelt them into Aluminium.
  2. Similarly, there are lots of iron tools that are firmer than the existing stone ones in the game now.
  3. There’s an addition of fuel type for the machines – Charcoal. You can acquire it either by burning the wood or through the campfire.
  4. You can also open the Alfa’s terminals for free, without any resources.

What you get in Last Day on Earth Hack APK

  1. Free and unlimited energy refill
  2. Free survival craft
  3. Free XP points
  4. Free blueprints without any research points.
  5. Free and unlimited shopping of resources.

Last Day on Earth Survival Mod APK 1.6.8 Cheats

Hack using Last Day on Earth Mod APK 1.6.8

  1. Initially, make sure that you have the vanilla version of Last Day on Earth Survival mod apk downloaded on your device or you can try Blackmart APK latest version. Once you have played the game a little, open the web browser or the mobile browser to download the MOD.RAR file from here.
  2. After opening the browser, enter the URL of this page and wait for it to load. Click on the link saying Download Last Day on Earth Survival Mod APK 1.6.8 for the file to download.
  3. Unzip the file using the extractor and find the Last Day on Earth Survival Mod APK 1.6.8 file to install it. Click on the install option and wait for it to be installed.
  4. Now, you can find a file in the MOD.RAR file that you have downloaded. Copy the file and go to Data/Data/folder. Open the folder saying, zombie.survival.craft.z>Lib and paste the file that has been copied by overwriting it.
  5. Now, open the same file and allow it all the permissions that are required as an administrator. Once you’re done doing it, go back to the game and start enjoying all the resources that are mentioned above.

Wrapping Up

Last Day on Earth Survival Mod 1.6.8 Hack APK is one of those authentic zombie games that you can find and if you’re one of those people who love the strategic games, this game is a must for you. By getting hold of the Modded version of Last Day on Earth Survival mod apk 1.6.8, you can get have unlimited sources in your bag. What are you waiting for? Go for it now! If you face any problems during the installation process, you can comment your queries on our tech blog right below!


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