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HQ Trivia App Download for Android & iOS!

HQ Trivia App

Are you an avid reader? Do you enjoy learning new things every day? What if I told you that you could use that hodgepodge load of information from your brain and earn money? Now, you’re interested, aren’t you? Intermedia Labs released a new app called HQ Trivia App or HQ – Live Trivia Game Show.

This is available across Android and iOS platforms so users can get the best out of HQ Trivia Android and HQ Trivia iOS. We’ve often indulged a lot of our time in watching game shows on TV. Quite often, we notice that many games that are popular or most games that we love to watch often involve money, right? Maybe, it’s the rewarding mechanism or just our desire to keep winning.

HQ Live Trivia Game Show as the name suggests, is a live trivia game show that you can take part in using your phone or tablet. Keep reading to know why you should find yourself in the hot seat.

Why is HQ Trivia the Best Live Trivia Game Show App?

The money, let’s face it, we all love winning, right? Once we know that we can win money by playing a game or using an app like HQ Trivia Android, the first thing we think is What are HQ Trivia Questions and How to Win HQ Android. Well, look no further, you can find all the answers to your questions so that you can get the best out of HQ App and win money from anywhere between $500 to $5000.

HQ Trivia App

HQ Trivia Android Gameplay

Before anyone gets into any game they’ll like to know how to play the game. Similarly, if you’re wondering How to Play HQ Trivia, then you’re at the right place. Keep reading to know how you can play the best live trivia game show ever.

You will get twelve multiple choice questions that range in difficulty from easy to hard. You can choose an answer from the three potential answers given and move on to the next question. You will have ten seconds to answer a question. If you get a question wrong, then you will be out of the game show for that day and you will get to watch the other competitors battle it out. If there are no single winners and there are multiple winners, then the winnings are split.

However, if there is no winner in the entire game, then the winnings roll over to the next game. The gameplay of HQ Trivia Android is designed in such a way that the user gets the aesthetic gaming experience. Rather than feeling like you’re just playing another game, the game was intended on making you feel like you were indeed sitting on a hot seat on a live trivia game show.

Challenging Questions

Intermedia Labs developed this game keeping in mind the diversity of the audience. The questions are designed in such a way that it will be a challenge that is fun for everyone. Not only does this make the game interesting but it makes winning the money worthwhile.

Realistic Gaming Experience

As mentioned above, Intermedia Labs have designed the game keeping in mind the experience of the user. HQ Trivia iOS is amped with game show hosts and graphics that are sure to drive the gamer in you. The excitement will be so high that you will feel the realism of the game at different levels.

HQ Trivia Android
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These games are all live games which are played at a certain time. You can sign up notifications that will help you tune in to the game and not miss your chance at winning the big bounty. It’s also possible to get notifications on your PC by using this app through an Android App Player.

Live Chat Feature

While playing the game you’ll have ten seconds to answer a question. As you keep answering the questions you will start to understand that the difficulty of the HQ Trivia Android keeps increasing. Once you get an answer wrong, you will be out of the game show for that day and you’ll have to sit back while the others play the game. The Live Chat feature on HQ Trivia iOS will help you send encouragements and stay interacted with the other contestants.

Download HQ Live Trivia iOS App

Intermedia Labs ensured that everyone gets a piece of the pie. They’ve made the version of the app available on the iOS platform as well. So, if you’re an iOS user, then don’t worry, you can get in some of the action too by downloading the HQ – Live Trivia Game Show App from here.

Win Big with HQ Trivia Android

HQ Trivia Android is a live trivia game show app that’s like you’ve never seen before. You could unlock the inner genius in you and win big by playing HQ Trivia iOS. This is the best game show app that gives you the live experience of sitting in the hot seat itself. With the instant PayPal feature to transfer your winnings, it just gets better and better.

So, are you going to win big on HQ Trivia Android today? Stay tuned for more updates on HQ Trivia Android and many other apps that are sure to give the best out of your Android experience.

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