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Google Files Go APK Download for Android!

Google Files Go APK

Google’s upcoming app called ‘Files Go’ was posted in the form of leaks sometime last week. Major technology-based online publications including The Verge, and Tech Crunch have described the yet-to-release application as being a platform for the management and exchange of files. Soon after the leak became viral, it was pulled off. Therefore, experts did not get enough time to decipher exactly what purpose Google Files Go APK will serve and when it will be launched for official use.

The search giant is apparently planning on bringing the app to people’s notice through an early development build for now. Any smartphone user who wishes to check out the functionality of the app can do so through the Google Files Go APK beta version that is currently available online.

Google Files Go APK

Features of Files Go Android

Google has created ‘Files Go’ with the main objective of allowing users to manage and share files in their smart gadgets. This will allow smartphone users to obtain added space, thereby de-cluttering the entire mobile experience. Individuals through this will also remain informed about the apps that are not in use. Other data that occupies storage unnecessarily such as multiple duplicate photos, will also be cleared off.

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However, the primary function of the Files Go APK is its ability to transfer data to the local Android platform without the use of an internet connection. Needless to say, Google is following Apple’s footsteps as a direct reference can be made to the Cupertino giant’s AirDrop feature. The Files Go APK is believed to be a part of Google’s Android Go project. The Alphabet Inc-led company has developed Android Go with the objective to provide a greater amount of access to users to their different apps and facilities even if they own smartphones that may not necessarily be that powerful.

One need not have great access to internet connections either, in order to experience a premium smartphone experience. As a part of this project, Google has already launched several platforms including YouTube Go – which consists of similar features wherein users can share downloaded files without depending on an internet connection.

How to Use Google FIles Go App?

Google has launched the Files Go APK Download version on the Play Store platform. However, the search giant still hasn’t confirmed exactly when they plan on releasing the final version of the app. When the company initially launched YouTube Go, it came with several restrictions. Chief among all was the fact that it was available for use only in specific regions. Experts believe that the same might take place with Files Go APK as well.

Download Google Files Go App for Android

Over the years, Google has built a reputation for launching their innovations for merely experimentation purposes. Therefore, the chances of ‘Files Go’ being one among many such ‘test’ projects are high. Google is marketing its ‘File Go’ application as a ‘smart storage manager,’ at the moment. Following given are a few steps you can follow in order to use the app to its maximum functionality:

  1. Once the individuals download the Google Files Go APK on their smartphones, they must tap on the icon in order to enter the app.
  2. Upon entering the app, individuals will come across two main home screen options, i.e. Storage and Files.
  3. The Storage page presents the amount of space is available for the files accommodation. At the same time, the Files page section provides access to quick links to the various apps that you can transfer into the storage system.
  4. The best part about using Files Go is that it does not require an active internet connection. The files are transferred merely on the basis of a Bluetooth connection.

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Download Google Files Go APK for Android

Following given are a few things to keep in mind if you want to download ‘Files Go’ app:

  1. The Google Files Go APK beta is available for download on the official Play Store app.
  2. Your smartphone is required to be running on Android 5.0 operating system or anywhere above that.
  3. You are not required to pay any cost for the app as it is free for download.
  4. You will not be facing any in-app purchase or experience troubles because of added ads.
  5. The app will occupy 6MB of your smartphone’s space. Therefore, it is important that you clear up that much storage in your device.

There are a few other necessary details to keep in mind before you proceed to make use of Googles Files Go APK:

  1. The primary feature is its storage saving option: Like mentioned previously, the app’s primary feature is to save up the maximum amount of storage possible. The application is created with the objective of ridding your smartphone of all the unnecessary data. It makes it easier for you to search for the photos, videos, and documents that do not come to your use on a daily basis as much.
  2. Sharing is quick and easy: You need not worry about connecting your device to a USB cord any longer. The days of wireless technology are here. If you wish to transfer files with another device, you can do so through ‘Files Go.’ The functionality is the same as the one that appears in Apple’s AirDrop option. Simply tap the ‘Files’ tab in the app and click on the ‘Send’ button and you’re good to go.

Conclusion on Google Files GO Beta APK

Even though Google File Go APK download application may appear quick and easy to use, there are a few tips that one must keep in mind in order to utilize it to its maximum ability. Nonetheless, it was high time that even Google introduce its own version of AirDrop to the mass, given the millions of Android users that they have to take care of.

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