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Final Fantasy XV APK + Data Download for Android!

Final Fantasy XV APK

As the name suggests, the Final Fantasy XV Android game is the fifteenth game entry into the Final Fantasy series. The first Final Fantasy game was released back in 1987, and with the latest Final Fantasy XV APK version, the developers and publishers of the game series, Square Enix, is trying to bring the best ever open world and role-playing gaming experience in the action genre.

The Final Fantasy 15 Android game was released worldwide back in November of 2016 on both the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4 gaming consoles. Role-playing open world gaming experience is the main highlight of the game, which is a shift from the previous titles in the Final Fantasy game series, which earlier focused much on racing, third-person shooting, action role-playing, fighting etc.

Gameplay of Final Fantasy 15

The gameplay of the Final Fantasy XV Android game is set in Eos, a fictional world. All the kingdoms in Eos come under the Niflheim Empire, except the kingdom of Lucis, throned by Noctis Lucis Caelum. Just during a negotiation of peace meeting between the rulers of the two nations, the kingdom of Lucis is captured by the Niflheim. Noctis then sets on a mission to regain the power of his home kingdom for the Niflheim.

Final Fantasy XV APK

A magical crystal belonging to Noctis is also captured by the Niflheim during the event. And soon, Noctis discovers that as the magical crystal has fallen into the wrong hands, it now possess a great danger of triggering events that could lead to an apocalypse in Eos. During the quest to regain the magical crystal as well as the kingdom of Lucis, the main protagonist character of the game Noctis Lucis Caelum is accompanied by three companions in the gameplay, namely Ignis, Prompto, and Gladiolus. However, during the gameplay, you can only control and play as Noctis.

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For an open-world action game, the world of Eos is quite big and is a connected between landmasses. Navigating through the world can either be done on foot, using the Chocobus galliform birds, using the “Regalia” which is a party car that can even fast-travel to unlocked locations within the game map.  The Chocobus and Regalia both can be customized by the players and the Chocobus birds can even join and help while in battles if the connection between the bird and the character is strong. The Regalia can either be manually controlled or set to navigate automatically, however, the Chocobus is manually controlled in the game.

The “GIL” which is the in-game currency, can be used to purchase equipment, petrol for the Regalia and other items from the shops available in towns. There are also several hotels and inns in the towns along with tipsters and characters who are not part of the game just present to give you information on your journey ahead in case you find them in the gameplay. Your conversation with the tipsters and other non-playing characters depends on the dialogue choices you make, which are prompted on your screen while conversing with such characters.

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Final Fantasy 15 Android

Features of Final Fantasy XV Android

  • The Final Fantasy XV Android game features two different difficulty levels: Easy and Normal. You are allowed to switch between the two. While in Easy mode, in case Noctis dies during gameplay, he is healed and resurrected by the Carbuncle summon.
  • The Final Fantasy XV Android game makes use of the Active Cross Battle system, which is a real-time action-based battle system that allows players to buttons with commands such as “Defend”, “Magic” and “Attack” directly mapped on to them.
  • While getting closer to an enemy, the threat meter appears will appear on the top of the display whose intensity will grow as you continue getting closer. A battle begins when the enemy spots you or when you get too close to the enemy.
  • While in battle, all the three characters will have Health points, but Noctis will also have Magic points. When attacked, the health points get reduced.
  • The Magic points of Noctis is replenished while not in battle and also if the special abilities of Noctis such as special weapon skills and warping are not used.
  • Health points once deleted cannot be restored normally, and once all the health points is lost, your character enters the “Danger” mode, which gives you a short period of time to use a revival item to boost your health to normal levels. If the Health Points of Noctis reaches to zero even after the Danger mode, the game is over!
  • After completing each battle, Experience Points are rewarded to the characters. However, level up is only done when all the characters reach the “Havens”, which are basically places to rest like inns.
  • Even though the three companions of Noctis in the game is controlled by the artificial intelligence engine of the game, during combat Noctis can pass commands to his companions to perform certain specialized tasks. Moreover, there is also a “Link Meter” which when full lets the three companions of Noctis to carry out co-operated combat moves.

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How to Download Final Fantasy XV APK for Android

If you are very much impressed by the features and gameplay of the Final Fantasy game and if you are interested in downloading the Final Fantasy XV APK to enjoy the game on your Android-powered device, then sadly there is no official version of the Final Fantasy 15 APK from the developers yet.
However, we have found a way for all of you to enjoy the Final Fantasy XV Android game, which is downloading both the Final Fantasy XV APK as well as Final Fantasy XV OBB data on your Android device. And below is how you can do both the tasks to enjoy the Final Fantasy XV Android game:

  1. Download the Final Fantasy XV APK file from here and the Final Fantasy XV OBB file from here. (as of now, no official APK links are available, stay tuned to this post for latest updates)
  2. Copy and paste both the files downloaded from above to the internal storage space of your Android device.
  3. Once copied, launch the Final Fantasy 15 APK file from your Android device. This will install the Final Fantasy XV Android game on your device.
  4. Do not launch the Final Fantasy XV game yet. Before launching the Final Fantasy XV APK game app, using a File Manager application, navigate to the OBB file of Final Fantasy XV game that you downloaded in step 1.
  5. Copy the OBB file to the destination Internal Storage>Android>OBB.
  6. After copying, exit the File Manager application.

Now you can launch the Final Fantasy XV Android game and enjoy the awesome open-world action gaming experience of Final Fantasy XV APK.

Final Words on Final Fantasy 15

The Final Fantasy XV Android game is one of the best open-world action game out there. Given the features and the storyline of the game and provided that the Final Fantasy XV is part of a very popular game series, all adds up to a gaming experience which indeed needs to be experienced.

And with the Final Fantasy XV APK, now we can enjoy all the awesome graphics, gameplay and other experiences of Final Fantasy 15 within the comforts of our Android devices. If you want to play this game on your Windows PC, it is recommended to install Nox App Player on PC and then download Final Fantasy 15 APK in the app player itself.

Hope you found this guide on how to install Final Fantasy XV APK on Android helpful. If you are already playing this game on Android, then share your experience as comments below.


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