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Fildo APK Download for Android: Free Music Streaming App!


So, our smartphones have been pretty much messed up with the music and video streaming apps. And for those who still haven’t switched to the online streaming music apps like Fildo APK, have been facing a very hard time managing their downloaded music and video libraries. With so many music streaming apps available on the app markets it is very much difficult to pick one. Some of the apps offer different features from the other, and there are paid subscriptions with some, and whereas others don’t charge you a penny but you can’t download the music from them, you can only listen.

About Fildo

Well, what if we say that there is an all-in-one app that adds on as an ultimate search engine. Fildo APK is an all-in-one music app that lets users find all the great music they want which it captures from Google and YouTube, for FREE! Well, while downloading music off the internet you must’ve encountered with fake pages, right? Fildo APK v2.7.0 simply provides you with genuine and authentic music files. Let us know more about the Fildo APK and how you can install it directly on your Android devices. Let’s start with the features of Fildo Music App firstly and then the download process of Fildo App on Android!

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Fildo App Download

Features of Fildo Music Streaming App

There are a lot of features that is packed inside the Fildo APK for all the music lovers who wants to download some free music off the internet. Here are some of its salient features;

  • FREE MEAL- Everything that you are going to search on Fildo APK is free. You can download and stream all the music that you want and love for free.
  • The library and the search functionality is made such that the users can pick their kind of music from four different categories, i.e. Top Albums, Top Artists, Genres and Top NetEase Playlists.
  • The app also features a built-in music player that have all the basic controls like pause, play, forward, repeat and toggle, etc.
  • The app interface might be a little on the unattractive side but let us not just focus only on the aesthetic aspects here, let us just enjoy the facilities the app is offering.
  • The app doesn’t have its music library; it just pulls music from all the popular search engines, music, and video streaming services. In most cases, Google and YouTube are the only sources from where Fildo APK 2.7.0 version delivers you music.
  • The quality of the music playback is top notch.
  • You can play the entire album if you want using the queue function. You can also create, modify and delete playlists.
  • You can swipe to the right and left sides of the screen to pull up the login screen, settings, and the last 100 playlists.

Fildo Music Streaming App

  • The last 100 playlists feature intuitive, as it lets you discover music with similar taste as that of yours.
  • Fildo APK lets you search from the vast list of music from various artists based on their discographies.
  • The app isn’t officially available on the Google Play Store; it is so far the only drawback of Fildo APK.

That is pretty much it about the features of the Fildo APK. Now let us move further, and learn how you can download the Fildo APK on your Android smartphones and tablets.

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How to Download Fildo APK on Android?

  • As Fildo APK is an online search engine, you must make sure that you are connected to a high-speed internet connection at all times to make things work.
  • Also, as the Fildo APK isn’t officially available on the Google Play Store for the download, you must download the apk file from here of Fildo.APK 2.7.0.
  • Or you can alternatively, download the apk file from the internet, help yourself, Google is your friend.
  • Just make sure that the source from where you are downloading the file is reliable and trusted.

Fildo APK Download

  • The Android ecosystem doesn’t allow, installation of unsigned apps or simply the apps that are being downloaded from anywhere else but Google Play Store.
  • Make sure you remove this restriction by heading over to Settings on your Android device and then to Security and look for the option of Unknown Devices and simply use the toggle button to turn it ON.
  • This will allow the installation of apk files that have been downloaded from sources other than Google Play Store.

Download Fildo Music APK File

Make sure to download the Fildo APK from the internet and save the downloaded apk file on your phone or SD card space. (Somewhere, from where it can be accessed easily)

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Installing Fildo App APK

  • Now simply tap on the Fildo APK icon, and this will begin the installation of the app.
  • After the APK installation has been completed, it’ll be visible in the app drawer and is now ready.
  • Open the Fildo App, and do the formalities like clicking the agree button to ON while the disclaimers pop up. You may also need to enter in some login credentials to create an account or sync your playlist data.
  • The latest version of Fildo Music App, version 2.7.0 comes with several bug fixes, and they’ve added cover images to the player bar and queue view menus. You can now add some songs and playlists as ‘favourites’ now.

Final words on Fildo

Fildo APK is unique in its way. The app lets you check out all the available music on the internet. It simply creates suggestions based on the taste of music you’ve, and the 100 playlists feature also adds up to its uniqueness. This way you can explore more music that suits your taste. So, far the guide that we’ve provided is pretty straightforward.

Even after that some of the users may receive some error codes, don’t worry! Just leave a comment, and we’ll help you out on this. Also, please make sure to share your views regarding the Fildo APK 2.7.0. We would love to listen from you about your experiences regarding the app. Remember! Don’t just judge the book by its cover. The app interface is not that much attractive, but Fildo APK just did what it claimed to do!


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