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FIFA 18 APK Download for Android: Latest Version!


EA Sport’s FIFA 18 APK download game has always been held in high regard in the world of sports games. FIFA as seen some extraordinary advancements and developments over the years. The franchise has been very careful with each detail.

Each video game calendar waits for the new release of FIFA each year. With every new release, EA Sports tries to bring some extraordinarily new. Many game developers struggle to keep their annual franchise fresh, but EA Sports has had an impressive run over the past few iterations. In sports basketball and football game is very popular! In basketball the NBA 2K17 and NBA 2k18 both series are very popular!

FIFA 18 APK download for Android hasn’t had many tweaks. However, the game is a lot more fluid-like, realistic and enjoyable. EA Sports made a switch to the Frostbite engine from Ignite with FIFA 17. Despite having small glitches like not being able to be played on certain platforms, the developer didn’t seem disappointed with the switch.

The biggest addition or awaited feature is Cristiano Ronaldo’s appearance. Special care was taken in incorporating his each and every move so that players can play in the shoes of the legend himself. FIFA 18 APK download for Android might not seem as groundbreaking as any other games in the franchise, but it does have some dramatic gameplay features that will definitely change your FIFA gaming experience.

FIFA 18 APK Download Free

FIFA 18 APK Gameplay for Android

FIFA 18 APK download for Android has a new lighting system that is the most noticeable and prominent graphical change. It gives the extra dose of realism that was never seen in the FIFA franchise before. From the shadows dotting the sepia-toned pitch to the floodlights bouncing on the walls, you’ve got to see it to believe it.

FIFA 18 for Android has added stadiums that are more alive. The tiny and insignificant details amp up the entire gaming experience. Each venue looks unique and realistic. FIFA 18 APK download for Android has fans in Argentina flags and banners, throwing confetti that actually stays on the pitch when they throw. The crowd feels so much more alive than ever felt in any other game of the franchise.

#1. Stunning Visuals

FIFA 18 APK download for Android has huge changes in the stunning visuals making the gameplay stronger than ever. The major jump is the player movement. This was made better due to the new Motion Technology System.

While many might think this is just fancy marketing speak, those who’ve seen the official trailers and the sneak previews know the major difference in FIFA 18 APK download for Android. There is a much smoother, fluid way of playing football. This is humongous as the FIFA skills before looked so robotic and repetitive. Now, every step-over, shimmy and jink feel entirely different.

#2. Realistic Players

FIFA has always motion captured players in the past, but this year, Cristiano Ronaldo has been motion captured to capture the unique style of play. Players now don’t run alike but run according to their height, weight and build. This adds a whole new level of dynamism and realism to the game.

#3. Finer Footwork Graphics

Dribbling has been improved as the enhance motion system added more detail to FIFA 18 APK download for Android. It’s a lot more fun to keep the ball at the feet of a great dribbler. There has been great friction on the ground, and the ball sticks to the pitch more than before.

#4. The Journey

The single player campaign mode, The Journey has added a great narrative to the football game.It was a great addition to the game as it added a personal and unique feel. You can now customise your player’s hair and clothes along with the more continental feel with the option of moving abroad in FIFA 18 APK download for Android. The best part is that the local multiplayer mode in The Journey lets you make decisions that in turn make a huge impact on the story.

FIFA 18 for Android Download

FIFA 18 for Android – Features

EA Sports ensured that the FIFA franchises annual game this year will make its mark in the gaming world. With the latest features and advancements, the future looks great, and the competition with PES 2017 APK for Android looks tough. Here are a few features of FIFA 18 APK download for Android.

Amazing Features of FIFA 18

  • Impressive Graphics
  • Superb audio tracks and sound effects
  • Addition of interesting narratives
  • Detailed stadiums, pitches and players
  • Detailed dribbling and footwork
  • Free motion enables the kicking and the play of the ball realistic
  • Realistic gameplay
  • Local Multiplayer mode
  • Motion captured Cristiano Ronaldo to give the in-game player more realism
  • Addition of Ronaldo Nazario
  • Fluid-like character movements
  • More advance ball movements

How to Download FIFA 18 APK Data + OBB?

Step By Step Guide

  • Step 1: You can now start downloading FIFA 18 APK. If the source doesn’t work or the download doesn’t start then you can alternatively download it from here.
  • Step 2: If you’re using your computer to download the FIFA 18 APK, then you can connect your phone to the PC and transfer FIFA 18 APK to your phone’s internal storage. If you’re using your Android device to download, then you can now move it to the internal storage on your Android device.
  • Step 3: Locate FIFA 18 APK on your Android device and start the installation process like you would for any other APK file.
  • Step 4: The onscreen instructions will guide you through the installation.
  • Step 5: You can launch FIFA 18 for Android once the installation completes.

Final Thoughts on FIFA Football Game

My guide can help you get the full and complete version of FIFA 18 for Android. In NoxApp blog the details added along with graphics and the sounds are a great complement to the intricate footwork and the strategic dribbling moves in the game. The game has had some extraordinary features such as a sudden change can affect the way players move giving you a more dynamic and realistic feel in FIFA 18 APK.

If you’re a football lover like me, then you’ll appreciate the work gone into motion capturing Ronaldo. With all of his actions being motion captured, the player has added a whole new dimension to FIFA 18 for Android.

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