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Google Datally APK Download for Android!

Google Datally APK

Datally APK: Google more than any other technology giant understands that each and every smartphone user may or may not have instant access to an unlimited data plan. It remains undeniable to having a good internet package is essential these days, as most of the activities taking place on the smartphone essentially run on the good internet package except YouTube Go App 🙂

Unfortunately, every smartphone user does not have the luxury of an unlimited data plan. For such users, Google launched a new application called, “Triangle,” earlier in June this year. The application was essentially designed to help smartphone users micro-manage their data usage as per their usage pattern. The application was initially introduced as a form of beta version only.

After weeks of thorough testing, it seems that the app has finally left its beta version and has become available for use worldwide. Google has introduced the final version of what was once called, “Datally App,” to the public for widespread use. There haven’t been many changes in terms of the app’s functionality, especially when the main app and the beta versions are compared.

Datally APK Download

What Exactly is Datally App?

Search-giant Google launched the latest application with the main objective of resolving the biggest and perhaps, the most annoying problem for the majority of the smartphone users i.e. the situation wherein he/she runs out of internet data. Through the use of the Datally APK for Android, smartphone users are given the power to keep a track of their data usage over time. Apart from this, the smartphone users through Google Datally APK for Android can even minimize the amount of internet data that they might be wasting over time.

Google Datally APK is designed in such a way, that informs its users of the nearest Wi-Fi hotspots if there are any. This way, the smartphone users through the means of Datally APK download are not only able to save their internet data but potentially surf the internet on a faster internet connection. The download Datally app for Android is also constructed in a special manner to block any manner of extra and unnecessary background activity that might be taking place. Through this, smartphone users are able to save up on the internet data that is being unnecessarily eaten up in the process.

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Features of Datally App for Android

Following given are the top features of the Datally app by Google:

#1. A Next Billion Users (NBU) Initiative

Search-giant, Google launched the application – Datally app for Android as a part of the company’s Next Billion Users (NBU) initiative. Developers and experts at the company were inspired by the thought of empowering users with a greater amount of control over their smartphone functionalities. They initially studied the length to which the smartphone users were going to, with the special effort of saving their internet data. This gave birth to the idea on which Datally app for Android is built and presented to the audience.

#2. Control each app’s internet access

While the primary function of the Datally app for Android is to showcase its smartphone users with the amount of internet data that is being used, however, another important function that it serves is to allow smartphone users to gain control of the internet access that each and every application may have individually. This way, they can allow important apps such as Gmail, WhatsApp or Facebook to continue functioning. At the same time, they may stop gaming apps from carrying out background activities.

Google Datally App Download

#3. Track usage hourly, daily, weekly or monthly

Google believes in giving smartphone users complete control over their smartphones. This is done through their user-friendly, customizable features provided as a part and package of each of their products. Datally APK is among the greatest innovations made by Google in 2017. It is obvious that the search giant would want to provide the users with the best kind of experience. With this effort in mind, Google added an ability in the Datally app that enables users to track their internet usage on either hourly, daily, weekly or monthly basis. The smartphone users are given the option to choose from the list of personalized recommendations.

#4. One radical solution to all problems

The mobile data saving app of 2017 is equipped with the ability to block all the background activity that might be taking place. This includes downloading and uploading of any kind of content. This way, Google is able to provide one radical solution to all the growing problems that might be eating through your internet data. The creators of Datally APK claim that the application has proven to save up to thirty percent of a smartphone’s internet data.

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How to Download Datally APK?

Google Datally APK makes use of a Datally VPN connection in order to gauge the amount of data that is being used by each and every application that has been installed on a particular smartphone. This allows users to remain aware of all the background activities on the app-per-app basis that is taking place in smartphones. Individuals can gain instant access to the Datally app APK version through the Google Play Store.

How to Get Datally VPN?

It’s strange that the Google’s Datally App uses VPN to track the amount of data used in every App. According to MediaNama, “What’s really strange is that the app needs a VPN to block data. We’ve written to Google for a clarification regarding why they need a VPN for blocking data, and how users who use VPNs already on their mobile phones can use Datally. What’s also curious is that, at one level, the app says that ‘Don’t worry, we don’t inspect your app traffic’, and at another, it’s meant to track app traffic, and needs a VPN to route usage through.”

By looking into this many users are confused about this Datally VPN thing. What if the user doesn’t have Datally VPN app? What is user has a VPN app but the user is still not able to get the app working? Well, to get all these answers, we need to wait and watch for more Datally Reviews.

Conclusion of Google Datally Review

Datally APK is made free of cost and will not occupy a lot of space on the smartphone either. So, what are you waiting for? Download Datally App for Android & iOS (not available) today and save a majority of your internet data. It is time to become efficient and choose more affordable alternatives.

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