5 Best Android Emulators Worth Installing on Windows PC [2017]

Best Android Emulators

With the rise in the number of apps that we people are using on our smartphones, there are some of us who also wants these apps and games to be accessed on a Windows machine. Let’s face it smartphones have a very limited battery, and when it comes to playing games, we tend to get irritated with the huge amount of battery drain on our smartphones. So, why not install these apps and games directly on the PC without any hassle? There are several ways to do that; the perfect one is using an Android emulator. Today, I am going to list the Best Android emulators that are available for Windows users like you!

How Helpful Android Emulators Are?

Some folks must be thinking, apart from playing games what GOOD these Android emulators will help in? Well, the possibilities are endless here. The developers, coders and programmers can test and debug their applications without even installing the app on an Android device. Users with a limited amount of resources on their Android devices, like having a very less free RAM or internal memory on their smartphones won’t be able to enjoy certain apps and games on outdated devices. But when you install apps from TuTuApp, you need not worry about any problems.

Best Android Emulators

Top 5 Android Emulators for Windows XP, 7, 8 & 10

There are many Android emulators available out there but not all perform the best! I have many Android emulators till date and got to a conclusion to list only 5 best Android emulators for PC in this post. Let us know more about the Best Android emulators so that you can play Android Games on Windows PC without any hassles. Here you go!


Bluestacks is among the pioneers of the Android emulators, you can call it the Daddy, the grandpa or the king whatsoever. My list of Best Android emulators would’ve been incomplete if I failed to mention about Bluestacks. The recent release of Bluestacks 3 proves that it is still loved by 200+ Million users around the globe!

Though as of the year 2017, the Bluestacks is outdated as it is still running on the Android 4.4 KitKat platform. Also, there have been reports that the company have now bloated the emulator so for some it might be a deal-breaker. You get the full Google Play Store support with Bluestacks. You can share your gameplay via Facebook Live using the Bluestacks TV.

Bluestacks App Player

The free version of the emulator is supported with ads and wants you to buy non-sense stuff, make sure to purchase the program if you want better functionality. You can download the BlueStacks from our links in Best Android emulators article, or you can always head over to the official website of the developer.

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Nox App Player

So far we’ve covered only the non-rooted versions of emulators. What if we say that there is a pre-rooted version of such emulators is available, then? Nox App Player comes rooted out of the box and lets you play with the Android ecosystem without any restrictions whatsoever.

The root functionality was the main reason for the Nox App Player to make it to our list of the Best Android emulators. You get the usual full Google Play Store support from where you can download over 2 million apps and games. Also, the interface and the home screen setup of the Nox Player is top notch, and you would fall for its simple yet intuitive UI.

Nox App Player

Though the Nox player still runs on the Android 4.4 Kitkat ecosystem but offers you some additional features that have been modded into the settings menu on the emulator. By going to the settings menu, you can always, change and set the number of CPU cores (in a multi-core system), the amount of the total RAM allocated for the program and the graphic rendering modes such as DirectX and OpenGL. You can also, enable ‘simulate touch’ functionalities and use the keyboard mapping to play your favourite games. All in all, a complete package for gamers and the guys who love to automate things around them. Visit this link to download Nox App Player.


LeapDroid is another on the list of the Best Android emulators. Though the project is now acquired by Google last year and shut down because of unknown reasons, you can still get your hand on the program via some reliable sources. LeapDroid comes with Android 4.4 KitKat out of the box with all the AOSP apps pre-installed. There is no support for the Google Play Store. Instead, the developers have placed Amazon’s Android App Store. But don’t worry, you can always install apps via the sideloading method.

LeapDroid Android Emulator

You can run games and apps for which you can take screenshots and also record your steps. Keyboard mapping and gesture details can also be simulated via the pinch and zoom on the track pad and the scroll button on physical mice. The only downside of LeapDroid is the unavailability of the developing end, and therefore you’ve to deal with the bugs that you are going to encounter with. Download it from here.

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Remix OS Player

So the first emulator on our list of the Best Android emulators is the Remix OS Player. This emulator is based on the Marshmallow Android System Framework and claims to be the only one who offers you the latest platform.

The Remix OS Player got popularity in the last year when it was launched as a beta program. The main advantage of the Remix OS player is that you can install this emulator and you can run Windows and this emulator side-by-side. It is like running two separate versions of Windows on the same machine.

Remix OS Player

The major drawback about the Remix OS player is that it lacks the support for AMD based processors. Also, your BIOS must comply with the virtualisation mode so as to let the emulator run smoothly. The Remix OS player is made with the intent to play all the amazing games on the Android platform, so it is pretty much an essential for all the gamers out there.

You can download the program directly from its official website and install it onto your PC. The detailed guide has also been posted on our website, and you can also refer the developer’s website also.


AMIDuOS is another android emulator tool that lets you run Android apps and game on your PC. The USP of the emulator is the ability to run the Android 5.1 Lollipop version. But for some weird reasons, a jellybean variant is also available for download. AMIDuOS also lets you use the rooted mode so that you can get the best out of the Android ecosystem and it lets you choose from the amount of RAM you want to allocate to the emulator.

As per the hardware profile is concerned, it supports Gamepads, and external hardware GPS also so that you can play games without any hassle. Make sure to enable the Virtualisation by going to the BIOS settings before installing the emulator. You can download AMIDuOS from here.

AMIDuOS Best Android Emulator

These are the 5 best Android emulators of all time. Of course, there are many new emulators for Android launching every now and then but not many are successful as Nox App Player & LeapDroid which were released in 2016.

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Want to Develop Your Own Android Emulator for PC?

Well, the sole idea of enlisting all the Best Android emulators in this article was to foresee all the possibilities of improvements (if any) in this segment or not so that our readers can choose the Best Android emulators for them. But what if you aren’t satisfied with any from the list mentioned above? What if you aren’t getting what you are thinking about? Well, we’ve got a BONUS for you. You can build your android emulator using a program called VirtualBox.

Virtualbox acts as a virtual machine that can be installed on a PC and have the capabilities to install any operating system files on it. So, it is an OS inside another OS, makes me remember of the ‘Inception’ movie, sigh!

VirtualBox Download

Make sure to follow the guide that is available online that may help you to understand the procedure of installing any OS on the Virtual machine (VirtualBox). Also, you have to download some compatible Android platform image from Android-x86.org, so that you can install the Android ecosystem on the Virtual machine.

Minimum System Requirement to Install Android Emulator

It’s often observed that users complain about Bluestacks not working or Nox App Player stuck at 99% and many more. The reasons may be many but one common issue is their system might not have enough resources to play the Android emulator on PC. To ensure that your Android emulator works fine on your Windows PC or Mac, you need to have below given minimum system requirements on your PC:

  • 2GB RAM (1GB Minimum)
  • 3 GB Hard disk space (1GB Minimum & 3GB Maximum)
  • 2.2 GHz Processor
  • 2GB Video memory (Minimum 1GB & 2GB Maximum)

So these are few system requirements which must be available on your Windows XP, 7, 8 & 10 PC or laptop to run such Android emulators smoothly.

Conclusion on Free Android Emulators

Having problems while setting up any of the Best Android emulators mentioned above? Let me know via the comments below and I will help you out with best possible solutions. Do share it with Android enthusiasts who are crazy at playing Android Games on PC. Keep an eye on Emulators section for more updates on Rule.FM tech blog!