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How to Download Animal Crossing Pocket Camp APK!

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp APK

Did you just get your eyeballs stuck at Animal Crossing Pocket Camp APK game released by Nintendo yesterday? If yes, then you might be well aware of the fact that the Android version of Animal Crossing Pocket Camp is just available in Australia Google Play store as of now!

But what if I say that you can easily download Animal Crossing Pocket Camp APK for Android irrespective of any country you are living? Well, that would be just like icing on the case. Isn’t it? But before we get started, let’s see the features of Animal Crossing Pocket Camp for Android game in detail!

The Animal Crossing Pocket Camp APK is available for the non-Nintendo platforms and it is not quite impeccable as the last game in this series. The game appears to be a bit diluted but because of the key factor that the game contains, which is the real-time; people are loving it. Following the steps of Farmville, Cityville; it is a game where the user will be building a camp and further build relationship with the regulars by building amenities, giving people what they want, by giving them gifts that they would ask and maintaining good relationships as well.

Features of Animal Crossing Pocket Camp Android

The game is simple! You as a manager in the game need to spend time with animals in the camp. Sounds weird? It might be weird but the fact is the gamers all around the world are already in love with this Animal Crossing Pocket Camp APK game on Android devices! The trees in this game will take real days in order to grow, the fish comes out only at night. This game is made available for all the mobile devices; both iOS and Android and as a result, you can play it during shorter intervals at any time of the day. So let’s have a look at some of the finest features of Animal Crossing Pocket Camp Android game!

animal crossing pocket camp apk download

#1. Meet new animals by visiting your friend’s camps and explore new opportunities to get your work done with the help of animals over there!

#2. It’s also possible to explore new areas in the game and see what you can actually get for your animals. Maybe fishing can be handy to get fishes for the animals? And who knows? You can even get something more!

#3. At campsites, you will get lots of craft furniture and various amenities by the materials you get from fulfilling requests for animals in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp Android game!

#4. Have fun by visiting your friends’ campsites to know how you can craft their furniture and vice versa if they are interested too!

#5. Create your own space with latest amenities you are habituated with and live with your animal friends to relax in the campsite!

So this is all about in short about Animal Crossing Pocket Camp APK download features which you can get from Google Play store as of now! Now let’s have a look at the gameplay.

Gameplay of Animal Crossing Pocket Camp Android

Apart from speaking to the camp animals, as the title says; you can catch bugs, collect fruits, can fish and work in mines. All the animals in this game are anthropomorphic and are computer characters. After working out with the animals, you can either sell them or give them away to people at your camp for bells, crafting materials or any other form of currencies.

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Over the period, you can build your own camp with amenities and furniture and then attract the animals and characters into the camp by building relationships with them. You can also visit camps of other friends or decorate your own camp and camper van in a customized way. The ability to socialize with the animals and characters along with the customization of camp and the van is why people started playing the game.

animal crossing pocket camp for android

How is Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp APK Different from Older Versions?

In all the previous games, there are only a few fish and bugs that are available and there has been feedback across the countries about how the Animal Camp should contain all the animals. Therefore, the new version of the game, Animal Crossing Pocket Camp for Android has more than that.

Also, the previous versions of the game are limited and are primarily in a constant race where the tanning of a character is done by placing him outside in sun for hours and hours. Now, there are other alternatives to do that. While bells have been the traditional currency in the Animal Crossing Pocket Camp APK; the leaf tickets are also added to the list.

Download Animal Crossing Pocket Camp 1.0.2 for Android [Updated]

  1. To make an Animal Crossing Pocket Camp APK download, visit Google Play Store or the third party websites that are trustworthy. Make sure that they don’t contain any malware before you start the download.
  2. Before that visit the system settings on your phone and access the Security>Unknown Sources and enable the box beside it to allow your phone to download from third-party sources.
  3. Once you have checked the box, open a web browser or a mobile browser in order to download the file from the link. Enter the URL of this page and wait for it to load. Once it is loaded, click on the button saying, “Download Animal Crossing Pocket Camp APK” from here to get the APK file.
  4. As soon as the file is downloaded, access it from the notification bar and initiate the installation till you can find the app on your system tray menu.

How to Download Animal Crossing Pocket Camp APK for Android? [OLD]

Don’t you worry about installing Animal Crossing Pocket Camp APK on Android, because we have got a working APK file for Animal Crossing Pocket Camp Android game from an Australian Gamer! So here’s the step by step procedure to follow in order to download Animal Crossing Pocket Camp Android version!

#1. Firstly, ensure that you must have speed internet connection in order to get Animal Crossing Pocket Camp APK download file on your Android devices without any troubles.

#2. Now go through this link from Mega.NZ which is uploaded by an Australian user for players worldwide!

#3. The file size is 55.8 MB and it’s easy to download Animal Crossing Pocket Camp APK on your Android device now!

#4. Once the APK file of Animal Crossing Pocket Camp is downloaded, you can now install the game and start playing.

#5. Before you download the APK file make sure you have changed the settings to trust untrusted sources to download Animal Crossing Pocket Camp Android APK file on your smartphones or tablets!

So this is how you can download Animal Cross Pocket Camp on Android devices. If you want to hack this game, you can use Tutu App APK for the same!

Conclusion on Animal Crossing APK Download

As of now, the game is available on iTunes officially in many countries but if you officially want Animal Crossing Pocket Camp on Android, you might have to wait for few more days! But if you want it right now, you can easily get Animal Crossing Pocket Camp APK download from above given simple procedure!

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