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360 Root: Download 360 Root App Android!

360 Root APK

In this post, I am going to explain you how to download 360 Root APK on your Android devices! Rooting is a process adopted by the Android devices through which one can gain the root access to the device. Initially, when you buy your phone, you can find multiple settings that can be tweaked.

However, you can only change the settings that the manufacturer allows you. By gaining the root access, you can modify the device any way you want. Before few years, rooting used to be a bit complicated as it is done through the computer but thanks to the Android developers, who made it easy for us.

360 Root App is one such app that has been predominant for a while now. Designed exclusively to root any Android device, it refrains you from taking an effort to use your computer. While there are many versions of 360 Root App, the latest one offers you the most functionality with fewer errors and bugs. Set this app instantly and root your device without any hassle. You can have a look at such useful Android apps on our blog once you download 360 Root APK!

360 Root APK

Specifications for 360 Root APK v8.1.0.0 (Latest Version)

GOOGLE ID: com.qihoo.permmgr

Name: 360 Root APK


Requirement: Android 2.2 or higher

Size: 5.24 MB

Release Date: 28th November 2017

MD5: 5131ea864bc2aaf3ed7847e4b43c09a9

Categories: Applications=>Tools

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Features of 360 Root Android App

  1. Quick Root Access: The 360 Root App allows you to gain quick root access on your device. In other words, if your device has an Android version installed which is above 2.2; you can modify anything you want even beyond the manufacturer’s permits by rooting the device through the 360 Root APK.
  2. Uninstall Pre-installed Apps: Often, we come across many built-in apps that we don’t need. We find it irritating when we can’t uninstall them even in situations when they are complete of no use. Therefore, by rooting the device with 360 Root APK, one can uninstall the previously installed apps and customize their phones.
  3. System and Cache Cleaner: Using the 360 Root App, you can perform a total system cleaning of your Android device once in a while. You can also clean the cache and enhance the performance of the device eliminating the glitches.
  4. Lock Gallery: Tired of those boring gallery lockers for privacy? Why install two different apps when you can install one? The 360 Root APK also helps in locking the gallery of the devices offering a high-level privacy to the data on your phone.

360 Root App Android Latest Version
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Created and launched by 360.CN, this is a free app that can be downloaded to root 9000 different devices. However, when used on the Xiaomi Mi4 containing the Android 4.4.4 version, it failed to root the device. In such cases, few other alternatives like the Kingroot App, Root Genius App, Towelroot App or Root Explorer App can be used.

How to Download 360 Root APK Latest Version

#1. There are many versions of this App that are being released out of which the latest version is the 360 Root APK v To download this, go to your device’s settings initially.

#2. Go to Security> Unknown sources. Check the box beside it to allow your device download the third party apps.

#3. Now, download the file by clicking here. Once, your file is downloaded; access the notification bar.

#4. Click on the downloaded file to install it. On the pop-up, tap on “Install” and wait for the installation to be done. As soon as you’re done installing, you can find the app on your tray menu.

You can also use 360 Root APK on your PC by downloading Bluestacks emulator or LeapDroid Android Emulator.

Today with preloaded flooding of applications, many of the Android apps are running very slow, and they get hung after using them for few months. Uninstalling the apps that are previously installed is only possible when you root your phone.

Conclusion of 360 Root App

This kind of deep device management comes in a package of the privileges gained by rooting. The App is safe, green, easy and genuine to use. Therefore, download 360 root APK right away and start getting full access to your device. Stay tuned to our blog to download such useful apps and breathtaking Android games on your devices!


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    360 Root is a very nice app for rooted devices. Just installed it and it’s amazing!

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      Yes, you can use it on all Android devices which have Android 4.0 version or newer ones! It works fine on all Samsung Galaxy devices!


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